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RetroVision Theater Presents Life With Elizabeth

We got more of the everlasting Betty White in the short lived television classic Life with Elizabeth. The only thing we can say is; damn this dame is old!

Run time 00:26:25


Reviewer: The Bridge - - November 24, 2010
Subject: As it happens I remember seeing this one on
The tube when it was a series. Someone made the comment: "damn this dame is old." WE ALL age, and one day that person will be "old." Betty White, as many of us, have gone through some years, some of use get old, others just age. My opinion of what Betty White might be like is this: Lit stick of dynamite inside, kindly and funny lady on the outside. Oh, and least we not forget, as my Father used to say about her, a really slick chick. He would have taken Del Moore's place on the show - anytime:)
When this series was on the air, my family and I enjoyed it many many times, and I still enjoyed watching this one.
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on 5/18/2010